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* For Clients in Australia and New Zealand that choose to use the Report Systems Australia (RSA) Terms & Conditions available with the Formitize Pest Control App.

Formitize have a range of Pest Control Reports available.

We can also custom build your existing reports to work beautifully through the App and Management Portal Solution.

Formitize have also linked with RSA to provide a compliant “off the shelf” solution that is ready to use immediately for Australian and New Zealand based Pest Controls.

PLEASE NOTE: the copyright licence fees for the RSA Reports is not included in the Formitize monthly licence fee as stated and is paid directly to RSA.

The aim of the handbook guidelines is to help consultants produce a uniform assessment of a property, thereby reducing the risk of errors or omissions in reports and associated consumer misunderstandings or complaints.

The inspection system has been verified for technical accuracy by Unisearch Ltd, the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Letters of verification are available on request.

The handbook system is accepted by all professional indemnity insurers.

Handbook – Standard Timber Pest Detection Reports

The 3rd edition handbook and associated reporting paperwork facilitates the practical implementation of a pre-purchase timber pest report carried out in accordance with AS 4349.3-2010.

Copyright Licence to Use the Handbook Methodology

The handbook system is subject to copyright. Therefore consultants can become licensed to use the handbook methodology by paying an annual licensing fee. Only one licence is required per company. The licence includes a CD containing a copy of the Version 2 inspection report(s) and associated documentation including a Standard Statement Library.

Fee examples (current as of July 2013, but subject to change at RSA’s discretion):

  • (a) Standard Property Inspection Work

    A building consultant carrying out inspections in accordance with AS 4349.1 would pay an annual licensing fee of $440 which includes a complimentary copy of the handbook Standard Property Inspection Reports – Residential Buildings.

  • (b) Timber Pest Work

    A timber pest consultant carrying out inspections in accordance with AS 4349.3 would pay an annual licensing fee of $440 which includes a complimentary copy of the handbook Standard Timber Pest Detection Reports.

  • (c) Combined Standard Property Inspection Work & Timber Pest Work

    A building/timber pest consultant carrying out inspections in accordance with AS 4349.1 & AS 4349.3 would pay an annual licensing fee of $660 which includes a complimentary copy of the handbooks Standard Property Inspection Reports – Residential buildings & Standard Timber Pest Detection Reports.

NOTE: The above examples are for sole traders. In the case of companies, each authorised inspector operating under the licence is required to have their own current copy of the handbook(s) pertaining to the licence. Additional Handbooks are available at $77 per copy (including postage / handling / GST).